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The Steamship SS Delphine is a classic yacht commissioned by Horace Dodge, co-founder of Dodge Brothers the automobile manufacturers. The yacht was launched on 2 April 1921, and spans 258 feet (79 m).
In 1997 she was restored at a cost of $60 million to the original 1921 condition including interior decor and the original 4 stage steam engines. She was rechristened Delphine by Princess Stephanie of Monaco on 10 September 2003
A short video story on the classic Steamship SS Delphine
360 interactive panoramas of the SS Delphine
click to view 360 in a new window The Rear Helm
Looking out from the rear of the boat as she is moored just off Monaco. The ships wheel shown is part of the aft steering gear which would be used when docking.
click to view 360 in a new window   The Pilot House
The Pilot House transports you back to the classic days of steam driven yachting. The necessary modern navigation aids and safety equipment now sit comfortably alongside the original controls.
click to view 360 in a new window   Engine Room Upper
The upper section of the Engine Room shows the main cylinders of the quadruple steam expansion system. Look carefully and you can just see the connecting rods and other mechanisms housed in the lower part of the room - below the walkway.